India’s health secretary, Rajesh Bhushan, on Tuesday was appointed the chairperson of a key committee at the 75th World Health Assembly that primarily deals with financial and management matters of the United Nations’ health body. The annual World Health Organisation (WHO) assembly is being held from between May 22 and 28 in Geneva, Switzerland.

WHO was established to promote health and ease the burden of disease worldwide; and the UN body takes direction for its goals and priorities from its 194 member states that includes India.

Each year the World Health Assembly has a long and complex list of health challenges and responses to review. The assembly functions through two types of committees— committee A and committee B.

Committee A is meant to discuss technical and health matters; and the other committee debates financial and administrative issues.

Bhushan, has been appointed the chairperson of committee B. “Mr Rajesh Bhushan from India has been appointed as the Chairperson of Committee B of the 75th World Health Assembly” the WHO said in a tweet.

According to India’s press and information bureau, Committee B, this year, will discuss and prepare reports on many important issues. The topics include health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory including east Jerusalem and in the occupied Syrian Golan; budget for WHO for the year 2022-2023; prevention of sexual exploitation; WHO reforms; global strategy and plan of action on public health; innovation and intellectual property; audit report of WHO; global strategy and plan of action on public health, innovation, and intellectual property; and intergovernmental organisation issues.


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