Medilytix Bureau: With telcos planning to roll out 5G services soon, India will witness the new and advanced data speeds where applications would range from connected ambulances to cloud gaming and even augmented reality driven tryouts for shoppers.
The fifth generation or 5G services will allow users to download full-length, high-quality videos or movies to mobile and other devices in a few seconds. Even at crowded places, it will support a million devices in a square kilometre.

The superfast speed (about 10 times faster than 4G), low latency connectivity, enabling billions of connected devices to share data in real time, promises to unleash more-immersive entertainment, 3D hologram calling, metaverse experiences, and redefine educational applications, even the manner in which people play or watch sports.
While Indian consumers would see 5G roll outs in select cities shortly, followed by a wider coverage over in 12-18 months, enhanced mobile broadband is expected to be the initial main use case.

The new technology over a period of time would bring to life applications which may have sounded far-fetched, just a few years back.

Retailers are dabbling with augmented reality (AR) in a 5G environment to curate immersive shopping experiences that allow customers to see how a piece of new furniture would look in their homes.

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