Medilytix Bureau:

Biddano, a healthcare supply chain platform, plans to expand its reach to 52 cities by year-end, trebling its reach from the current 15 cities as an increasing number of pharmacies are looking to become organised and adopt online technology to solve last-mile distribution issues.

The start-up, which helps chemists procure medicines quickly, onboarded over 100 Super-Stockists and 50,000 pharmacies during the last calendar year, crossing gross merchandise value of $100 million so far.

Founded in 2016 by Talha Shaikh and Ashok Yadav, Biddano pivoted to the business-to-business model two years later. The company now connects local super-stockists with pharmacies/hospitals/labs and fulfills orders in under three hours.

“During the pandemic, the major challenge that many pharmacists faced was the unavailability of products and unreliability in deliveries. Because of Biddano, they could entirely rely on timely fulfilments. We impact the healthcare supply chain through our main products, Bkart and Shortbuk,” said Co-founder & CEO Shaikh.

Bkart, a tech-enabled healthcare logistics platform, consolidates and reduces delivery turnaround time from 24 hours to under three hours. Shortbuk is a new age comprehensive daily procurement platform for fast-moving consumer goods and over-the-counter products.

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