Cipla, on Tuesday, announced the commercialisation of its real-time COVID-19 RT-PCR test kit in India. The ‘RT-Direct’ multiplex COVID-19 RT PCR test kit will be released in partnership with Genes2Me Pvt Ltd.

The RT Direct test protocol does not require any RNA extraction process, which makes it faster and helps deliver results in 45 minutes, the company added. This will also increase the throughput of testing labs by threefold, compared to other RT-PCR tests. Normal RT-PCR tests require 120-150 minutes.

The pharma company will be responsible for the distribution of the RT Direct kits, and the supply of the same has commenced. The company is planning to further expand its diagnostics offerings to roll out more advanced and innovative products.

The real-time RT-PCR test kit has been validated by an Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) approved centre. “It is based on the ‘gold standard RT-PCR method with coverage of three target genes specific to SARS-COV-2 along with IC, which is much more advanced than others having 1 or 2 target genes. This greatly increases the sensitivity of the RTPCR test,” the company said.
Established in 1935, the global pharma giant with home markets in India, South Africa, North America, has 46 manufacturing sites around the world to produce over 1,500 products.

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