Medilytix Bureau:

As scientific evidence and availability of new or existing COVID-19 vaccines continue to increase, India may soon have more vaccines in its bouquet to be administered as booster doses. India’s daily tally of COVID-19 cases is nearing 2 lakh and the government will soon consider booster dose for all adult population, officials in the Union Health Ministry told on Monday.

As of now, healthcare workers, frontline workers and those above 60 years of age with comorbidities can take third dose of the same COVID-19 vaccine, which they have already taken, as a precautionary or booster dose. Currently, the national COVID-19 vaccination program includes Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik V vaccines. Going ahead, India may look at several COVID-19 vaccines as booster doses.


Covaxin maker Bharat Biotech on Saturday announced the results of the trial studying the immunogenicity and safety of Covaxin, a whole-virion inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, as a booster dose. The Hyderabad-based pharma company claimed that Covaxin is the first vaccine (in India) to report safety and immunogenicity results from a booster clinical trial. The analysis showed that six months after a two-dose Covaxin vaccination, series cell-mediated immunity and neutralising antibodies to both homologous (D614G) and heterologous strains (Alpha, Beta, Delta, and Delta plus) persisted above baseline, although the magnitude of the responses had declined, the company said in a statement.

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