Veteran leader Draupadi Murmu on Monday recited famous Odia Saint poet Bhima Bhoi’s famous assertion ‘Mo Jeevana Pachhe Narke Padithau, Jagata Uddhara Heu (let my life remain inglorious, let the world achieve salvation) while addressing the nation after swearing in as the 15th President of India .

“In my life so far, I have realised the meaning of life only through public service. There is a line from the poem of Bhim Bhoi Ji, a famous poet of Shri Jagannath Kshetra. “Mo Jeeban pachhe narke padi thau, jagato uddhar heu”. That is, working for the welfare of the world is far greater than one’s own interests,” Murmu said in her first address.

“With this spirit of welfare of the world, I will always be ready to work with full devotion and dedication to live up to the trust you all have reposed in me. Let us all unite and move forward on the path of duty with a dedicated spirit to build a glorious and self-reliant India,” she added.

Murmu appealed to people to work and dedicate their life for the welfare of the nation. “Let’s come together and work collectively to build a self-reliant India (Atmanirbhar Bharat),” she said.

“In 75 years as parliamentary democracy, India has carried forward the resolve of progress through participation & consensus. We are building ‘Ek Bharat – Shreshtha Bharat’ by embracing many languages, religions, food habits & customs,” Murmu said.

She said Vocal for Local, Digital India and Startup India have all been instrumental in the rapid growth of India.

Throwing light on her journey from a small village in Rairangpur of Odisha to Rashtrapati Bhawan, Murmu said, “Even primary education was like a dream to me. I was the first person from my village to receive college education. Later, I worked as a teacher at Aurobindo Integral Education School in Rairangpur. I am very much inspired by the policy and ideology of Aurobindo.”

She continued, “From a ward councillor, I have adorned the throne of President. This is the power of our democracy that an adivasi has reached at the helm.”

“Becoming the President is not my personal feat but is the achievement of every poor in India. My nomination is proof that the poor in India can not only dream but also fulfill those dreams,” she said.

She also called upon the countrymen ‘to speed up efforts to meet the expectations that our freedom fighters had with the citizens of independent India.’

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