Medilytix Bureau:

Rohin Kapoor, co-founder of edtech firm Myedge, says 2021 was a year of growth and introspection. While his firm’s revenue grew 475 percent, the bigger realisation was that Myedge and the sector need to work harder and do more to plug the learning loss faced by students due to closure of schools and colleges brought on by the pandemic.

Beyond the news around funding and firms turning unicorns, what the edtech sector got was acceptance. They got mainstreamed and became part of the core education sector that ranges from teaching-learning to assessment, from tutoring to upskilling, from offering learning management systems to carrying out remote proctoring, catering to millions of learners from the primary to tertiary levels in the process.

“The products and services we are building have to become more focused and customised…because students are facing a learning challenge due to school closures. The expectation is, we have to make up for the studies lost at educational institutions. You will see more innovations in this space,” said Kapoor, whose tutoring and mentoring service is now available outside India as well.

Sumeet Mehta, co-founder of LEAD, another edtech firm, said that with schools shut for more than 20 months “the pandemic has adversely affected students’ mental, social and academic capabilities… In 2022 we need to focus our efforts on solving the core education problem at schools through school edtech.”

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