Educational institutes are not just mere places of learning; it is the place which polishes the inner and sometimes hidden talents in each one of us, said the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind. He was speaking on the occasion of inauguration of permanent campus of Indian Institute of Management, Nagpur at Dahegaon Mauza, MIHA, Nagpur today (May 8, 2022). Union Education Minister Shri Dharmendra Pradhan and Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Shri Nitin Gardkari were also present on the occasion.

The President said that the curriculum gives us the occasion to introspect within ourselves the purpose, the ambition and hence fulfill our dreams.

The President said that we are living in an era where innovation and entrepreneurship are appreciated and encouraged. Both innovation and entrepreneurship have the ability to not just ease our lives through technology but can also provide employment opportunities to many people. He expressed confidence that the eco-system at IIM, Nagpur would promote among the students the mindset of becoming job-creators, instead of being job-seekers.

The President was happy to note that IIM, Nagpur through its Centre for Entrepreneurship has established IIM Nagpur Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (InFED). He said that what is a matter of immense pride is that InFED has successfully enabled women entrepreneurs to graduate from Women Start-up Program and six of them have even launched their enterprises. Such programs provide an effective platform for women empowerment.

The President said that our traditions have always emphasized upon sharing, especially in the field of knowledge. Hence, it is our duty to share the knowledge which we have gathered. He expressed hope that just as IIM Ahmedabad has provided mentorship to IIM, Nagpur, the leading professional schools of our country, technical, management or humanities would provide mentorship to establish similar institutions. He said that knowledge sharing leads to greater growth of knowledge itself. He congratulated IIM, Nagpur for taking the initiative to establish satellite campuses in Pune, Hyderabad and Singapore.

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Speaking on the occasion Shri Pradhan said that  knowledgeisamediumforempowermentandLokKalyan. As the country celebrates the Amrit Mahotsav, students at IIM Nagpur should strive to break the mould and adorn a culture of taking responsibilities and giving back to society with much more vigour. He exhorted IIMNagpurtofacilitateregionaldevelopmentand guided by the NEP 2020, the institution should evolve new pathways to promote entrepreneurship and establish India as a nation of job creators.

He further said that the world looks towards India with great hope. He expressed his confidence that IIM Nagpur will steer India towards becoming a knowledge economy that will provide leadership to India, emerging economies and also the world.

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