Digital Desk:

Video, especially the short-form format, is arguably the fastest growing medium in India’s content industry today, with more than 70-80 per cent of all data consumed being video. “Which, therefore, makes it a priority for us,” Paras Sharma, director, media partnerships, Meta (formerly known as Facebook) said at the India Mobile Congress on Thursday.

“Today, more than 1.25 billion people visit Watch on Facebook to discover videos from millions of creators. India is one of the leading markets for Watch globally. Our focus is aligned with India’s biggest passions, be it cricket, movies, music, TV and news. We’re committed to grow the creator ecosystem by building sustainable economic value for them,” Sharma added.

India was the first market where Reels, Instagram’s short format, was launched globally. “Creators and publishers have taken to Reels like duck to water. Reels has democratized creativity like never before. What’s moving this video flywheel of creation and consumption? It’s because we bring the core tenants of social network: conversations and connections. The watch experience on Facebook is personalized, it’s socially powered and effortless entertainment,” he said.

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