Medilytix Bureau:

India’s installed renewable energy capacity had “crossed the milestone” of 100 gigawatts.

In a tweet R. K. Singh, Minister of Power of Govt of India, described the news as “another landmark day” in the history of the country’s power sector.

The figure, which excludes large hydro, represents the latest development in India’s attempt to hit 450 GW of renewable capacity, inclusive the target of maximum amount installations can produce by the year 2030.

Alongside this goal, India has said it wants to reach 175 GW of renewable capacity by the year 2022, a major challenge given the significant expansion that’s still required.

“India is the third-largest global emitter of CO2, despite low per capita CO2 emissions,” according to the International Energy Agency’s India Energy Outlook 2021 report. “The carbon intensity of its power sector in particular is well above the global average,” the report adds.

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