Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal said the country is well poised to attract investments that wish to move out of China.

Speaking at the India Economic Conclave 2019, he said the tax reforms introduced by the government recently will ensure investments come back to India.

“I think India is well poised to attract investments that wish to move out of China. We had a dialogue with a large number of companies. The income tax changes, which were approved by Parliament last week, are an important element in our plan to attract investments to and not let them go to any Southeast Asian countries which earlier offered attractive tax regime,” he said.

Goyal further said the government is also looking at pooling together land which state and central governments have got to offer to investors for setting up their businesses in India.”I have got PSUs including railways to create land pools for making land available easier to investors. We are monitoring and tracking that investment comes to india,” he said.When he was asked about the progress of the bilateral trade talks between India and US, Goyal said, “As regards trade deals and the decisions, they are long drawn affairs. They are not something which close immediately. You have to go into trade detail.

“You have to see its impact, its forward and backward linkages, its impact in the long run and short run, corresponding benefits we get from the trade deal and I assure you that we have made significant progress in the past few months.”

He further said the government has almost been able to sort out various differences that prevail between the US and India.

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