New Delhi, 28 April 2022:

Mahagram, a technology-driven fintech company has launched a citizen service delivery portal called “” to provide basic doorstep banking & e-governance services to all the citizens residing in rural & urban parts of India. The said services are provided through digitally-enabled feet-on-street representatives aka “Mahagram Sevak”. These “Mahagram Sevaks” will earn a commission for services provided by them through the portal.that has enabled banking from the mom-and-pop store around the corner through fintech solutions.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Ram Shriram, CEO, Mahagram says that, all the “GramSevak” working on the project shall be compensated in the form of commission for their services offered to the citizens via Portal. Citizens can use the “” platform to access e-governance, banking, and insurance services with the support of their local “GramSevak” representatives. Mahagram hopes to enroll nearly 1 million unemployed youth under the “GramSevak” project, which will provide them with a source of regular income. Mahagram’s mission is to enable rural women to save money at the local Kirana stores, instead of traveling miles to the nearest bank branch.

Financial literacy and financial accessibility will grow exponentially as the fintech sector in India is growing and witnessing massive innovations. The majority of India’s population still lacks access to banks or lacks the financial literacy to approach banks for basic banking services.

Mahagram, as a technology-driven fintech startup, seeks to reach out to such people so that they can benefit from the same vital banking services as the rest of the population. Mahagram believes that in the post-Covid era, people have turned serious about the second source of income. They realize that they need to put their savings into the right investment solutions. It aims to increase the ratio and habit of household savings in rural India by focusing especially on rural women because they are the ones who run households. portal is designed and developed keeping the rural consumers in mind and through the assisted model citizens can avail these services despite having no technical or financial knowledge. We aim to serve 300 million unbanked masses to bring them under the financial inclusion.

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