India’s sugar production stood at 4.58 million tonne till December 15 of the ongoing marketing year, down 35 per cent from the year-ago period, owing to sharp fall in output in Maharashtra and Karnataka, industry body ISMA said on Wednesday.

Sugar marketing year runs from October to September. Mills had manufactured 7.05 million tonne of sugar in the same period of the 2018-19 marketing year.

According to the Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), 406 sugar mills were crushing sugarcane as on December 15, as against 473 mills on the year-ago same day.

Mills in Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest sugar producing state, have manufactured 2.12 million tonne of the sweetener till December 15, up from 1.89 million tonne in the year-ago period. The UP mills had begun crushing operations a week earlier in the current season.However, there has been a sharp fall in production in Maharashtra, the country’s second largest sugar producer. Mills were able to manufacture 7,66,000 tonne as against 2.9 million tonnes in the same period a year ago, ISMA said.

Similarly in Karnataka, the third largest sugar producing state, the production declined to 1.06 million tonne till December 15 of this year from 1.39 million tonne in the same period a year ago.

“The production in Maharashtra and Karnataka is lower than last year due to the fact that mills in these states started late by one month and one week, respectively,” ISMA said in a statement.

Apart from this, sugar recovery so far is reported to be lower as compared to last year, mainly because mills are crushing damaged sugarcane due to floods, along with the fresh cane as also other climatic factors, it added.

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