New Delhi, 19.05.2022:

Vedanta Aluminium has recently entered a long-term contract with NHAI to construct greener roads with fly-ash in Odisha, the company shared in its release.

“The company has entered a long-term partnership with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for building greener roads with fly-ash in Odisha,” Vedanta Aluminium said in a statement.

Fly-ash, which is a by-product of thermal power generation using coal, finds usage in the cement, construction and infrastructure industries. Besides improving product quality, in cement manufacturing, every tonne of fly-ash used can help save around 700-800 kg of carbon emissions and 341 litres of water among others.

Vedanta Aluminium has utilised nearly 2.8 lakh tonnes of fly-ash in cement production and supplied 2.7 lakh tonnes for brick manufacturing in FY22. At it is now working with hundreds of local brick manufacturing MSMEs near its operations in Odisha and Chhattisgarh, transitioning them away from mud bricks.

Bricks made of fly-ash are not only lighter and stronger than traditional clay bricks, but also play a key role in preserving nutrient-rich topsoil from being used as raw material.

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